The collection of sounds in this issue are soundtracks from films and videos. We are
interested in all kinds of soundtracks but the standard for collecting the pieces is that
the original film must be produced by the artist. We are interested in listening to the
soundtracks separated from their original context to hear what that generates. What
kind of narratives arises?,what abstract sounds emerges when they are no longer
connected to the moving images given by the artist?

The material we present comes from various fields of art film. You can listen to the sounds
of documentaries, fictions and installation pieces right here.

All the tracks are put together in a continuous program so that you can listen to them in a
serie. Some pieces have been shortened to fit this program. You can listen to the full
lenght version of every indivdual piece further down on the page.


Listen to the whole program here!
Shortened Version (max 5 min / piece) 39 min starts automatically
order: Rut Karin Zettergren, Lena Bergendahl, Axel Petersén, Makode Linde, Maria Sofia Rundgren,
Jennifer Rainsford, Tomas Forsberg & Daniel Wallenberg, Jesper Nordahl, Johan Bergström, Pella Kågerman, Naun Rodrigo Juarez Gonzalez

Full Lenght Version ( all pieces put together in one length) 90 min
order: Tomas Forsberg & Daniel Wallenberg, Maria Sofia Rundgren, Jesper Nordahl, Naun Rodrigo Juarez Gonzalez,
Jennifer Rainsford, Johan Bergström, Pella Kågerman, Lena Bergendahl, Makode Linde, Axel Petersén, Rut Karin Zettergren



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08.16 (2008)
Lena Bergendahl

08.16 min

The title 08.16 refers to the hour of the detonation of the first atomic bomb that was dropped over Hiroshima; an indication of time that in the video piece composes a timeline of minutes and seconds describing the way towards the explosion.



Brompton (2003)
Axel Petersén
14 min

Cast: Allan Warren, Arthur Tate & Niklas Wikström
Brompton Cemetery November 2002.
En plats för tillfälliga möten mellan män av alla åldrar.


City of Smoke
Tomas Forsberg and
Daniel Wallenberg
10.33 min

City Of Smoke är en symbolisk domedagshistoria där återanvända
klipp skapar ny kontext.
City Of Smoke is a symbolic doomsday story where reused film clips creates a new context.


Crazy Girls (2001)
Jesper Nordahl
8.25 min

10-year-old phenoms Agnese, Annija and Katrina practice the moves
of pop imports like Britney Spears and Abba throughout their
hometown of Karosta, Latvia. Subtle tensions are evident within the
group-due to uneven interest within the Crazy Girls enterprise-and in
its surroundings, which have absorbed the disparate architectural
and political legacies of Latvia's past owners.



Dead Stars
Linnea Sjöberg


Death of Lights
Maria Sofia Rundgren
4.42 min

I have been light. I have seen the opposite construction of our mind divided in two. I walked through the materialistic world into nothingness. There is nothing there but light. Death is a nothing place. A frozen moment that gnawed through its consciousness into a world of bounded materia. Returned and chained into a life of pleasure and suffer.


How a wrestler became into a Saint?
Naun Rodrigo Juarez Gonzalez
8 min 33 sec

Santo versus The Martian Invasion (1967)


In Search Of... Norbert
Pella Kågerman

The story about Norbert Witte and his abandoned amusement park
(told by the people heavily affected by his doings).


I Visit the Oldest Woman I Know, I don't Dare Asking Her About
Jennifer Rainsford
2.45 min



Mutual Dependency: General William Booth Enters Into Heaven
Johan Bergström



The Season of Falling Love
Rut Karin Zettergren

9.42 min

Jemmima walked all the way from Nairobi to Bungoma to be with
Aron. Her elder brother Elcana is convinsed that Aron has bewitched
her with a love portion and has tried by all mean to seperate them.
Aron feels that he is not good enough for Jemimas family but says
that he is a happy man now.



Theme to Waist
Makode Linde
1.48 min

A soundtrack made to a short video that was showed at SVT2's fashion show velvet in may 2008



Tom Thomson
Cecilia Nygren
5.30 min

Tom Thomson tillhörde The Group of Seven, en grupp av kanadensiska landskapsmålare i början av 1900-talet. Han försvann, och hittades efter en längre tid drunknad i en av de sjöar som han målat. Rebecca Brewer född 1980 i Vancouver, också hon målare och försvunnen, sågs senast i en squashhall.



Rut Karin Zettergren, Lena Bergendahl and Jennifer Rainsford

ZBR Productions


the Copyright belongs to each individual artist