Crystal Beacon Art Space

#15 Zeros+ones
Choterina Freer, Sonia Hedstrand, Adrianna Palazzolo, Rut Karin Zettergren and Anna Kinbom.
Dec 15th, 2013

Zeros+Ones brings together artists using video when dealing with power struggles in technology. Is a screening with 14 artist and an online exhibition featuring the organizers.

#14 Mars500
Anna Kinbom och Gustav Franklin
Nov 11th, 2012

Anna and Gustav presents  their new album MARS500 at Crystal Beacon Art Space.

#13 Ukiyo Diary
Sonia Hedstrand
May 4th, 2012

Sonia Hedstrand shows a series of polaroids that were taken during the shooting of the film Ukiyo Diary- One Month in the Floating World, in Kabuki-cho, Tokyo, summer 2011.

#12 Easterjesus Hosewarming
Release february 2012
The German based group Easter is presenting three new videos made for Crystal Beacon Art Space!

#11 Occupants
Release january 2012
Curated by: Anabelle Lacroix

#10 ForstGates
Moa Israelsson Forsberg
August 10th 2011
Swedish artist Moa Israelsson Forsberg's piece, the site ForstGates manufactures and markets entrance gates

#9 With cities
THREE NUBS: Alkmini Petraki, Sotiris Vasiliou, Tassos Govatsos, Anastasios Logothetis, Lefteris Kiourtsoglou
Curated by: Sofia Mavroudis, Curare art
July 10th 2011

With Cities is about urban reflections, utopian histories, dreams and the complicated interactions that occupy the city and its inhabitants.

#8 Robot
Danis Napoles Cisneros
Juni 10th, 2011
Cuban artist Danis Napoles Cisneros shows a video piece; an allegory of how the old Cuban system is slowly changing by cultural and technical influences from the outside, and how present values slowly disappears

#7 Call of Duty
Jorge Luis Del Valle Thomas
November 9th, 2011

Cuban artist Jorge Luis Del Valle Thomas shows the video piece Call of Duty, a sequence from the Russian section of the popular game of the same name

#6 A-Z
Cajsa Von Zeipel
September 9th, 2010
A text dialogue is performed in a fast tempo mirroring the rough attitude of a gang of teenage girls.

#5 R.I.P
Rut Karin Zettergren, Jennifer Rainsford, Lena Bergendahl
February 2010, release at Detroit at B-Galeria, Abo
A sound piece recorded at a praying ceremony in Kenya, due to the illness of a woman, a friend of the artists

#4 The End of the World
Henning Lundkvist, Henrik Kihlberg, Rickard Daun (Gaerra)

October 2009, release at galleri Krets, FULL PULL

The End of the World is presented in collaboration with the festival FULL PULL an electronic/experimental music and art festival in Malmö.
The three artists invited presents works from the notion of the end of the world.

#3 Cities
Mathias Josefsson, Arvid Wretman, Jennifer Rainsford, Rut Karin Zettergren, Lena Bergendahl, Magnus Wassborg, Jakob Ingemansson

May 2009, release at Spring exhibition Royal Institute of Art Stockholm
In an open call we invited artists to interpret the theme Cities. They got to choose one city and make a piece in relation to it

#2 Soundtracks
Axel Petersen, Rut Karin Zettergren, Makode Linde, Lena Bergendahl, Maria Sofia Rundgren, Jennifer Rainsford, Tomas Forsberg & Daniel Wallerberg, Jesper Nordahl, Johan Bergstrom, Pella Kagerman, Naun Rodrigo Juarez Gonzalez, Linnea Sjoberg, Cecilia Nygren.
Januari 2009
Artists and filmmakers participate with only the sound from their art films and videos.

#1 First Bird
Maria Sofia Rundgren, Lena Bergendahl, Rut Karin Zettergren, Jennifer Rainsford, Theodore Trottner

November 2008
The very first Crystal Beacon issue. A compilation presenting five artists and their sound pieces.









Crystal Beacon Art Space (CBAS) is an artist run website for contemporary art. It is run and curated by the artists Lena Bergendahl, Jennifer Rainsford and Rut Karin Zettergren. The website is designed as a platform for art, specially created or transformed to be presented at Since 2007 CBAS has explored the Internet as a gallery space where site-specific work can be viewed, as well as works originally shown in a different context. CBAS present artists in the form of theme issues and releases approximately one to three new issues per year.



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