This is a tribute to a friend that recently passed away. She was supposed to play the role of Mrs Cheng in our film. We stayed with her in her house in Mombasa for one week in June this year. We used to sit in her font porch eating toasted white bread with butter made in her German toaster and drink tea with milk and sugar during the morning rains.

She served a blend of Fanta blackcurrant and Coca-Cola as she told us about her husband that passed away and how much she missed him and that she now managed to survive on the businesses she had started since he died. She tailored dresses and costumes from the top of her head and had a beautiful pink barbershop.

We admire and honour her great ability of taking responsibilities of her family and people close to her. She was a very wonderfully shy, curious and gifted person.

The sound comes from when we came back in September, by then she had fallen very ill and was too weak to get out of the bed. People had come to her house to pray for her life and strength, unfortunatelly she passed away two months after.

Rest in peace.

Artists: Rut Karin Zettergren, Lena Bergendahl, Jennifer Rainsford